Sunday, March 27, 2011

Contest Comming Up

-The Alfred Lord Tennyson Contest! View details in the post below!

-The "Tell Me a Story" Contest! View details in the post below!

-The Victorian Poetry Contest! View details in the post below!

The Alfred Lord Tennyson Contest

This contest is part of the "Victorian Poets: A New Legacy" contest series. To view information about the entire series please visit our blog at .

In order to enter this contest you must choose one poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson and do the following:

-Use the theme of the title as the theme of your entire poem
-Your poem will have the same title as the poem you choose but the poem itself will be different 
-Use the same rhyme scheme format, and same general style in your poem

How to enter:

-Write your poem with the same amount of lines as the poem of Tennyson you chose (please try to choose a poem under fifty lines)
-Head over to our submission manager and submit in the Tennyson contest category
-As a cover letter please provide your basic information (name, e-mail, state of residence, etc...)
-Please provide a brief bio with your cover letter
-No more than one poem may be submitted

At this time we are unable to pay a cash prize. Prize for this contest is a publication in our magazine.  

The Tell Me A Story Contest

This contest is closed for this issue. Please refer back here after September 20, 2011 for the contest information.

The Victorian Poetry Contest

This contest is for high school aged students only!

Write one to three poems in Victorian or classical style, following the requirements below.


-Each poem cannot be more than eighty lines in length
-You must be between the ages of 14-19 to enter (give or take a year)
-Your poem must have a rhyme scheme or free verse Victorian (such as Tennyson's earlier poems)

How to enter:

-Write your poem and submit it on our Submishmash online submission manager contest section
-As a cover letter include your e-mail, school name, your grade, and the name of your favorite poem
-Also include with your submission the state in which you live (for statistical purposes)

Note: With your submission to the contest you will receive a two year online subscription to Poetica Victorian. If you do not want this subscription please indicate so in your cover letter.

Thankyou to all who enter,
                 Brandon Berman
                 Editor In-chief   
                 Poetica Victorian: A Journal of Victorian Poetry